20 Classic Luxardo Cocktail Recipes

Storied Cocktails and Modern Classics from throughout Luxardo History

Raise a toast to our 200th Anniversary and mix up a bit of cocktail history with these classic recipes spanning two centuries of Luxardo.

A Manhattan without Luxardo Maraschino Cherries is no Manhattan at all.

A classic precursor to the Martini, with foggy Bay Area origins.

All the fun and flavor of a Manhattan — with a little more character thrown in.

Sling this Singapore staple from the comfort of your own bar cart.

Making other cocktails green with envy since 1915.

This Pre-Prohibition gin cocktail is a delicate balance of strong flavors.

Aperitivo hour, the Luxardo way!

Snuggle up with this warmer take on a classic Negroni.

Classic flavors inspired by Old Hollywood.

This Prohibition-era classic is elegant, refined, and packs an unapologetic punch.

A short story in the spirit of Ernest himself: “For drinking. This cocktail. Always enjoyed.”

A blast from Baja California’s
post-Prohibition past.

Mexican tequila and Italian apéritifs make for a bracing, complex summertime cocktail.

A little sour, a little sweet, and molto Italian-American.

A simple whiskey cocktail that puts an
all-American twist on a classic.

A modern, Mezcal spin on the Prohibition-era cocktail with a lot to say.

Botanical, bubbly and bright, this clear Italian aperitivo is perfect for sunny, summer sipping.

Coupe glass, meet first class — we’re taking the Last Word to new heights.

A refreshing twist on the classic Negroni: light, citrusy, and intriguingly clear.

How a “medicinal” cocktail went from “Better-For-You” to just… better.


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